Alden Cadwell is one of the founding chef/consultants for Sustainable Food Systems. Their mission - to help bridge the gap between conventional and sustainable institutional food service - has been at the forefront of societal focus. Some of the clients he has worked with include New Haven and Region 4 Public Schools and Miss Porters School in CT, The Park School in MA and The Oakwood Friends and The Darrow Schools in New York.

Alden also works as a Chef du Cuisine for Season to Taste Catering, one of the foremost sustainable catering companies in the Boston metropolitan area. Additionally, Alden started the obesity intervention project Let’s Get Movin’ based at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. He collaborated with the community of East Boston to create a program that now serves over 2000 children and their families. The program provides opportunities to be active, learn about nutrition, as well as access to local fresh food at a discount. This is provided through a system of afterschool programs, community gardens and partnerships with local farms.

Alden has worked with farmers and institutions to link the two and create local symbiotic relationships between them. His work with schools and institutions paired with the work he has done with the agricultural industry has led him to a career assisting institutions improve their food services in order to help them deliver a healthier product for their clients as well as the

Alden holds a Master of Science degree from Northeastern University, Boston, MA as well as a BA of Psychology from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN.