Our values are our guideposts. SFS is committed to developing planet-healthy food systems. We affirm with every action we take that we are doing the right thing for the earth, our neighbors, local economies, ourselves and future generations. We believe in our minds and hearts that our personal and professional decisions have an impact on the world around us.

Although our clients are at the center of our world, we recognize that we are visitors to theirs. We must earn their confidence and respect. We foster collaboration with the teams we work with and demonstrate our integrity in every action we take.

Recognizing that organizational change can be unsettling, we listen to what others have to say and respond with respect and understanding. Our years of experience in the food service industry allow us to successfully anticipate questions, concerns and fears as we strive to motivate and inspire. Information is given freely, eagerly, and with sensitivity. We promptly and honestly address any issues or difficulties as they arise.

Our knowledge base is grounded in research and professional practice. We share our growing knowledge and experience in developing sustainable food practices with others locally and worldwide. We do what it takes to enhance the world around us one partnership at a time.