Partnering with SFS

Sustainable Food Systems will help you achieve your goals and objectives for integrating healthier food and sustainability practices into your existing programs and systems.

With the help of Sustainable Food Systems, you and your team will achieve the following:

  • Fresher and healthier food service
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Revenue growth from new customers
  • Integrated sustainability systems
  • Well-trained, knowledgeable and motivated managers and staff
  • Established relationships with local food producers
  • Cost savings to re-invest in your program

By working together we can assure your impact on your customers, your local economy, the environment and your budget is positive. Learn more about our clients and the results we have achieved together.

Healthy Results for your Bottom Line

Implementing the following sustainability practices, have created visible and quantifiable improvements as well as cost savings for our clients:

  • More focused menu selections result in less waste and significant savings in food costs and trash hauling expenses
  • Higher quality menu and services result in improved customer satisfaction and increased sales
  • Direct purchasing from local food producers eliminates the administrative mark-up at an estimated cost savings of 6%-10% while stimulating the local economy
  • Cost tracking and inventory management enables regular evaluation and inventory adjustment

Contact us to learn how we can help you to transition your dining program to a healthier, more sustainable food service.