The Maine Ingredient - A Local Food Training For Schools - Three day Culinary Bootcamp in Cumberland County, Maine
Green Mountain College - Food, Agriculture and Community Development in the Northeast

Books & Films

Sustainability in the Food Industry - Contributed Chapter 10 - Sustainability in Food Service - Edited by Cheryl J. Baldwin.

Two Angry Moms - John Turenne’s work at the Unoqua School in Connecticut was featured in this award winning documentary film.

Greening Food & Beverage Services - A Green Seal Guide to Transforming the Industry - Contributed a chapter on idiosyncrasies of Sustainable Food for the food service industry and the destructive impact food can have on the planet as well as options for making better choices

Edible Nutmeg - a print publication published quarterly—regularly contributes to the Cooking Fresh feature. Read the articles at the bopttom of our Media page.

Winning the Food Fight - Steve Willis - Sustainable Food Systems’ work with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in Huntington, WV is featured in this book