Sustainability Practices Proven to be Cost-Effective

Food service operational decisions regarding the use of food and resources, such as energy, water and waste products, can have a significant effect on your environment, local economy and budget. By working together we can assure your impact is positive. These are some of the practices that have resulted in cost savings for Sustainable Food Systems’ clients.

More focused menu selections - result in less waste and significant savings in food costs.

Higher quality menu and service - result in improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Seasonal and bulk purchasing - help decrease unit costs over prepackaged foods and result in more fresh and whole food.

Direct purchasing from food producers - eliminates the administrative mark-up at an estimated cost savings of 6%-10%.

Local sourcing for purchasing - stimulates the local economy and helps sustain farms and other food producers.

A reduction in wasted food and supplies - results in a decrease in trash volume and, consequently, hauler costs.

Cost tracking and inventory management - enables weekly and monthly evaluation and inventory adjustment.