As end users, food service programs carry a tremendous responsibility for our entire food system — from agricultural production, packaging/processing, distribution, kitchen design, preparation, consumption and finally, to disposal.

The Sustainable Food Systems approach for addressing change within an institutional food service program begins with your specific goals for integrating sustainability practices.

We Offer a Threefold Service

1.) Identification and Planning

We complete an evaluation of your entire food system, not just food preparation. We identify opportunities for implementing simple, sustainable changes based on your systems, processes, needs and clientele. We call these areas the 5 Spokes of the Sustainable Food Wheel in order to ensure success as a whole.

Collective strategizing leads to the creation of a customized and achievable action plan based on your staffing, infrastructure, budget, internal support, geographic location, and local food suppliers in your area.

SFS also partners with Food Service Architects and Kitchen Designers to effectively help institutions create cutting edge dining facilities for sustainable food programs.

2.) Implementation

We implement your customized action plan through education, recipe and menu development, staff support, systems development and relationships with local food producers. We simultaneously direct the transition while mentoring a local champion that can continue the project’s ongoing success.

3.) Performance Analysis and Support

We assess the impact of organizational changes over time through consumer feedback, community impact, and financial performance. We then recommend ways to enhance your action plan to ensure continued sustainable growth.

Contact us for additional information on our work with educational programs and health care facilities.

John Turenne