Sustainable Food Systems

Consultants with a revolutionary perspective on food! Sustainable Food Systems is a unique consulting and technical assistance service that helps organizations and institutions consider and implement social, ecological and delicious modifications to their current food service delivery.

John Turenne, President and Founder

John Turenne, founder and President of Sustainable Food Systems, was one of the lead innovators in sustainable food practices during the creation of the Yale Sustainable Food Project. Realizing the impact of food service decision-making on the world around us, John transformed a conservative university food service model, of which he has 25 years experience, to create a sustainable dining program through careful planning, teaching and development.

Ellen Thomas, Consultant

Ellen’s work as a chef, nutritionist and culinary teacher has led her to the central concept that food is medicine, and local, sustainable food is the best medicine.

Alden Cadwell, Consultant

Alden’s work with schools, institutions, and the agricultural industry has led him to a career assisting institutions improve their food services by delivering a healthier product for their clients as well as the planet.